Spooling out in real-time: a DCI Conversation with Devorah Romanek, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

Spooling out in real-time: the immediacy and implications of digital curation A DCI Conversation with Devorah Romanek Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico hosted by the Digital Curation Institute, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, on Friday, 18 October, 4pm -5:30pm Room BL728, Bissell Building, 140 St George St, Toronto Watch the event […]

Content Curation: a DCI Conversation with Virginia Poundstone, Mhz Curationist

Thursday, 19 September, 12 noon – 1:30 pm, Faculty of Information, room BL538, 140 St George St, Toronto DCI Conversations: Content Curation with Virginia Poundstone, founding Content Curation Director of MhZ Curationist in conversation with Costis Dallas Content curation on the Web is perhaps the most widely known form of adding value to cultural resources […]