What does the DCI do?

Key activities the DCI engages in include the following.

Enable and conduct funded research

Researchers at the DCI collaborate in funded research projects partnering with local and international academics and practitioners to investigate fundamental issues in digital curation.

Mentor future leaders

As a core part of its value proposition, the DCI provides doctoral students the opportunities to engage in digital curation research and practice, enables them to collaborate in initiatives across the university and beyond where they can contribute their specific perspectives and ideas, and thus supports them in growing into the future leaders of the field.

Host regular lectures, open to all

We continue to host a DCI lecture series, open to participation from anyone interested to attend, inviting selected leading researchers to speak on highly relevant topics that they are passionate about.

Organize digital curation events

In addition to the lectures, we pursue an eclectic approach to organizing specific events that we consider to have high impact and value. This includes seminars and workshops associated with the lecture series, but may in the future also involve hosting larger events.

Develop the Institute

The members of the DCI are committed to a continuous process of reflection on digital curation and the role of the DCI. The development of further actions and opportunities may at some point include the development of collaborative degrees or the offering of consulting services to provide expert advice to practitioners.