Introducing the DCI Junior Fellows 2022-2023

The Digital Curation Institute is delighted to award two Junior Fellowships for the fellowship period Fall 2022-Summer 2023. The two successful applicants are working with the DCI community on important projects at the intersection of data curation, systems design, and sustainability. Han Qiao (she/her) is a first-year PhD student at the Faculty of Information. Her […]

DCI Fellowship awarded to Victoria Palacin

We are delighted to announce that the DCI Fellowship for the year 2020-2021 has been awarded to Victoria Palacin! Please read on for a biography and an overview of the Fellowship project. Victoria Palacin (@vpalacin) is a computer scientist who researches human-computer interactions. Her work focuses on co-creating technologies and physical data experiences with and […]

Dr Yunhyong Kim, 2019-20 DCI fellow

2019-20 DCI fellow: Dr Yunhyong Kim, University of Glasgow

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Yunhyong Kim, this year’s Digital Curation Institute fellow, in Toronto. A lecturer at the School of Humanities, University of Glasgow, Yuhnyong works across multiple topics related to information management and analysis, gravitating towards areas that bring together artificial intelligence, digital curation, and forensics in the arts and sciences. She has […]